Joan Cobitz

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"The tension between the reasoned coolness of Classicism

and the creative energy of expressionism is the dynamic of

Cobitz's work."

High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia

Joan Cobitz (1933-2005), painter, printmaker, teacher, was

an artist from a family of artists. Her mother was a dancer,

born in Chicago, whose family emigrated from the Pale near

Kiev, the Ukraine. Her father was a graphic designer, born

near Odessa on the Black Sea. Joan was raised on art, taking

lessons as a child at the Art Institute of Chicago and the

Maholy Nagy Chicago Bauhaus School. One of the first

generation of women formally trained in art at universities,

Joan received both her BFA and MFA from the University

of Iowa. She studied printmaking with Mauricio Lazansky,

well known for "The Nazi Drawings", a series of powerful

drawings about the brutality of Nazi Germany.

She also was an respected artist among a small community

of artists in Savannah, Georgia, where she lived for more

than twenty years. She taught printmaking, painting, and

book illustration at the young Savannah College of Art and

Design (1979-1982), when they were housed in their first

building on Charlton Street. She taught ceramics and art

appreciation at Armstrong University in the mid–eighties

and worked with kindergarten children at the JEA. Always a

mentor and friend to young artists, she held printmaking

workshops in her colorful and art filled house on Gwinnett

Street. Her life's work includes self portraits at every stage of

life and artistic development, insightful portraits of friends,

witty mythological tableau paintings, literary still lifes which

reflect her great interest in food and literature, technically

and emotionally explorative etchings, and drawings that

celebrate the biology of life.



We would like to thank the following for their support in

making this exhibition of Joan's work possible:

Tony Cobitz, New York

Gail and Buddy Pickus (Joan's sister) Aberdeen, SD

Shiao-Ping Wang Chu, Rollinsford, NH

Joe Ryan, Savannah, GA

John Welsh, Savannah, GA

Travis & Odette Strahan, Yemassee, SC

Dr. Dan Levine, Savannah, GA 

Robert Jones, Savannah, GA

Shiao Ping Wang Chu, for excellent curatorial and critical


Nicholas Silberg & Joe Ryan, for help in hanging the show.

Meghan Maylone, for so much help in preparing the works

for exhibit.

Marilyn Fischel & Roscoe from the Brighter Day Deli for

catering the reception.

Jere Connan at Pressworks for printing the invitations.

Lisa, Atwell's Frames, for her good eye and fast turn-around

for many of the frames in this exhibit.

Contributors to the Fund for Archiving Joan's work include:

Tony Cobitz, Joe Ryan, Travis and Odette Strahan, Ron

Strahan, Janey and Peter Brodhead, Jane Fishman, Carmela

Aliffi, Harriet Delong, Tom and Betsy Kohler, Max and Nell

Cain, Janet & Chris Rodie, Mary and Doug Stoller, Chris

Miller & The Sentient Bean.